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The user traffic on WhaleNet increases by 30% to 40% each year. If a significant number of WhaleNet users, like you, donated $1.00 a month or year, we would have no problem keeping WhaleNet free and online.

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The primary goals of WhaleNet are: facilitating and coordinating learning in a variety of fields; enhancing general interest in science; developing problem-solving and other critical-thinking skills; and increasing environmental awareness. Educators also use WhaleNet's vast resources to enhance curricula in science, geography, math, reading, writing, and of course, computers.

Connecting to WhaleNet

Everyone with access to the Internet can log onto WhaleNet's home page. Simply point your graphic browser software (such as Netscape or Microsoft Explorer) to:


Your support is welcomed. We have developed levels of support to suit various sources -- Individual, Family, Class, and Corporate levels. The WhaleNet program has operating expenses and to continue the total educational program we need your support.

Receive a gift of a WhaleNet pin and a Certificate of Support
from WhaleNet for a donation of $50.00 or more.

Sponsorship levels:

[ ] One Dollar Donor - Thank you.

[ ] Individual ($50.00)
Gift of a WhaleNet pin.

[ ] Family ($75.00)
Gift of a WhaleNet CD-ROM.

[ ] Class/Organization ($100.00)

[ ] Other ( ____________)

Make checks payable to:
WhaleNet/Wheelock College

WhaleNet/Wheelock College
200 The Riverway
Boston, MA 02215

Your tax deductable sponsorship contribution to support WhaleNet will be greatly appreciated.

Name __________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________

School/Organization _____________________________________________

City___________________________ State ________ Zip Code __________

Country ________________________________

Phone (optional) _________________________

I/We choose to sponsor __________________________________________

Print out this page and mail it with your donation to support the WhaleNet program.

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